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What is SEO

These days when everybody search on google to access various kinds of services like to take any information, to book Hotels, Tickets, Flights, Travel packages and to buy consumer products from ecommerce portals, to connect with friends, professionals in their industry, optimizing your website according to guidelines of all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista etc. is a good move to get\

Seo is a acronym of Search engine optimization and it is known as a process of improving the online visibility of a website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and getting high amount of relevent traffic through these search engines. These days when there are a huge network of websites available for users and millions of sites are being developed everyday by developers, it becomes extremely important for a website to have great online visibility so that site may appear up on Search engine result pages(SERP’s). 

In Today’s ever changing world of search engine algorithms, one thing remains constant for every business who want to optimize their business with search engine optimization and that is Traffic. Understanding SEO benefits is not simply a rocket science like as higher rank a website will get  in search engine result pages (SERP) of search engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) seen by users that more traffic website will receive through search engines known as organic traffic. A site that has been well optimized with search engine standards and strategies of an expert and reputable SEO company is positioned at much better in SERPthan its competitors.

However, a proper white hat SEO strategy execution does not mean applying a series of quick fixes blindly and building lots of crap link for your website so that it can get higher rankings and more traffic.  In fact White Hat Seo requires you first to develop a basic understanding of the business before doing anything else. You have to select your core business keywords by which you can make money coming up in SERP easily. A Genuine search engine optimization process always mean you are following the search engines guidelines, and will never place your client in risky situations.

SEO helps a site with traffic and after that conversions. Here at SEOBay, our team of search engine professionals have got enough skills and experience by working with reputed internet marketing companies in India. We understand how SEO is favourable to your business. We are also aware of the other side that how crucial it becomes for an internet marketing company like us to show quick results through search engine optimization in this high cut throat competitive world. We are very committed on this to our clients as we are confident enough that our highly skilled seo professionals are able to show you progress from the very first of the month. Remember without a solid white hat SEO strategy any great website will be falling in organic traffic perspective.

A solid and ethical White Hat SEO strategy should function as an integral extension to online marketing and it is crucial to the success of any business which is quite dependent on its online presence. While it’s important to recognize traffic as the primary target, it is equally important to understand why SEO stands as an objective in the first place.

An optimal SEO strategy condenses many things simultaneously and prime among them is king content itself. We have a small in house team of content writers as well who can write authoritative content that will include core business keywords relevant. A website that is optimized according to search engines guidelines and passes all tests of a search engine friendly site is typically rewarded with a higher search engine ranking because that search engines can easily crawl the whole website and can deliver user what he wants.