email-marketingEmail Marketing in India is basically used to send message to a group of people using email for commercial purpose. In other words, we can say that email marketing is direct way to reach customer through email. Through this we can send people email about your business advertisements, request to join business, buy or purchase the business products and services,to make donations and it is also helpful in building customer loyalty, trust for your business as every customer wants to stay updated with the latest updates of the brands that they follow.

Many of the people seem to have interest in knowing when there is a new business in their favorite product or service category. However, while promoting our business we can stay connected with our customers through email marketing. In email marketing we don’t require large quantities of printing space, we can easily reach our target customers.

In broader sense, we can say email marketing can be referred to:

  1. You can improve your customer relationships with your existing or old customers, through this you can generate customer loyalty and you can do business with old customers again and again once you build this loyalty.
  2. Through this email marketing you can acquire new customers and make them aware about your latest business products and services and can also encourage them to make purchase with you.
  3. We can also add advertisements to emails which are send by other companies to their respective customers.

Research reports circulated on timely manner estimated that United States spent US $1.55 billion on email marketing in 2011 and this email marketing budget will be increased up to $2.470 billion by 2016.

Benefits of Email Marketing Services in India

Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses all across the world. Those who are unfamiliar with method of advertising probably not immediately understand why it is so popular among companies but here are 5 most crucial reasons why email marketing in India plays a vital role in digital marketing field.

  • Simple and Cost Effective Marketing Approach: Email marketing is easy and simple to use because anyone can do it at any time. Through this we can distribute information to wide range of customers at a low cost.One of the benefits of email marketing in India is its lower cost. Email marketing is more cost effective as compared to traditional methods because it doesn’t include other costs like designing cost, printing and postage cost. Email marketing is entirely based on paperless work. It’s a technical world where instead of investing in printing, we can invest in software through which we can track and evaluate their emails. Through email marketing we can send thousands of emails simultaneously and for this we have to pay lower cost.


  • Much Better Form of Targeted Marketing: Through email marketing we can achieve high accuracy in terms of targeting potential business customer as through this we can target specific customers based on geography, income, age, interest. Email marketing also help us in categorizing our customers according to their taste, choice and preference of products or services.


  • Fast Response: Through Email marketing marketers give fast response on the call of customers. On click of a button customers can purchase an item.


  • Automatic: Email marketing India is automatic. Email marketing has a tool called an “auto responder”. For example, if you want to send a message to your clients on special days, then for this you just create the messages and schedule for that day.


  • Easy To Track: Another important key of email marketing is that we can easily track mistakes in emails. Immediately we can made change to emails, whereas printing or broadcasting advertisement requires more efforts.

Strategies Involved In Email Marketing India

  • Responsive Design: Now a days, responsive websites are in trend. Mostly half of emails are opened on mobile devices. Now a day’s email are shifting towards mobile, whereas PC email are secondary email. While shifting towards mobile, email messages should perform well on mobile tablets etc. That’s why we are using responsive design.


  • Automation: The term “automation” is perfectly effective to any email marketers. We should set automated Life cycle Marketing.


  • Excellent Content: In email marketing content play a important role. Investing in content creations, testing and becoming sure about the product is easily shareable and is relevant.

Prime Advantages of Email Marketing in India

  1. Email marketing India involves low cost compare to other online marketing approaches like PPC, SEO, SMO, etc. It is more cost effective as compared to traditional methods. We can mail as many user as we want. It saves us to waste time as well which is worthy for a business owner.
  2. Instantaneous response to call of customer is also important advantage of email marketing. On a click customer can purchase any item.
  3. We can target on specific customers on basis of location, income, age, group and interest. For instance, if want to send coupon only to females then with help of email marketing categorization we can send coupons only to females.
  4. We can track error in email easily and we can easily alter email.
  5. Email marketing is helpful in increasing sales. You can increase interest of customer in your product via email, which leads to increase sales.
  6. With the help of email marketing India, you can easily find the number of emails sent, number of emails are opened or unopened, the number of people who are registered or not registered, and click rate.
  7. Email marketing India is automatic. Email marketing has a tool called an “auto-responder”. For instance, if you want to send a message to your clients on special days, then for this you just create the messages and schedule for that day.
  8. We can call email marketing India as permission marketing because it allows customer to decide whether they want to reach via email or not.