How Google Search Works

What Happens When You Do The Web Search?

Google search engine is a powerful tool similar to various other search engines which uses an algorithm to search the results. But the thing to consider here is that whenever we search in Google, the search doesn’t happen in real time. The Google Search Engine returns the results which are already been put in their database. This is done by Google in three steps- how search engines work

  1. Crawling

Google uses automated programs or software called spiders or crawlers which fetches and scans the WebPages and follows all the link that it comes across and other branching links too until it can view every page possible to visit and adding it to its library. This process of discovering the web pages is called crawling.  Crawling can be made easy by submitting a sitemap, a list of pages for Google to crawl.

  1. Indexing

After the page is discovered, Google analyzes the content and decides which pages it need to keep depending on how many times the webpage contains the keywords, whether these keywords appear in the title, and URL, does the page includes synonyms or the keyword family, is the page from the quality website and various other factors such as image attributes (alt text) etc.  After this WebPages are added in the Google database and the webpage gets indexed. This process is called indexing.

  1. Sorting and Result Distribution

Then when any query is entered in Google SERP, it takes few seconds to go through the entire database and try to figure out and give the relevant results depending upon the search query you entered. This relevancy is determined by more than 200 factors and Google keeps on improving its algorithm. User’s experience is the utmost priority to make sure that your webpage is mobile friendly and loads faster.

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