Often seo experts remain confused about how they should start any seo campaign with a fresh website or webpage. It’s not that kind of thing where you can start from anywhere as it would need a proper strategy to kick start your campaign of website marketing. As much as your website marketing strategy and planning will be good, chances of getting success will be that much higher. Many seo professional don’t know the start of the seo process even nor have any idea from where they have to start. Search engine optimization in 2018 is way different from the seo that was being done in 2012 or so. Now Google’s algorithm is not hand coded by engineers in fact it is machine learning algorithm (Google’s Rank Brain Update) that Google uses to sort its search results. Machine Coded algorithm helps Google to process and understand search queries in better way while giving users better experience with end search to start your seo campaign

So let’s start and dig inside about what can be a perfect strategy to start a seo campaign.

  1. Analyze The Current Website Configuration

  • What Platform Your Website Use?

Once you have the website that you are going to promote through seo, you should check it’s configuration like what platform your website uses? Does your website use an outdated platform or a modern one like WordPress, Hubspot or Marketo? I would personally recommend using WordPress and hubspot if you want to grow your website in search engines. These platforms are much easier to optimize for search engines and you can easily configure designing and code related changes.

  • Is There Any Need To Change Current Design?

It might be a tough decision to take whether you should change your current design or not. You as website owner might have some attachments to your old design but it might not be the best user-friendly designs in the modern time.

  1. Analyze The Nature of Business Website

You have to analyze the business of the website that you are going to promote like whether it’s a product based business website or it’s a services based business website. Strategy and planning will depend a lot on the nature of business website. Whether your business serves local area or it is internationally targeted.  Whether your business deliver goods or services to customers or customers come to business to take advantage of services business is offering. You have to find answers of certain question which are given below before designing seo strategy.

  1. What is The Nature of Business Type?
  2. Target Areas for Business?
  3. Does Your Business Targets International Audience?
  4. Deliver Goods or Services to Customers Address?
  5. List of Competitors That Business Have?
  6. Analyze the Online Visibility of Competitors?
  7. Find Factors Why Business Competitors are Ahead of Your Business?
  8. Find Key Search Terms For Which Your Business Website is Appearing on Google

 3. Prepare a List of Target Keywords

Now you have to prepare a list of target keywords for your website that can drive potential traffic to your business website. Also, you have to include those keywords that you found above and for which your website is appearing already in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can also find relevant business keywords through:

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Suggestions in Search Bar

Tools Like KWfinder, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, KeywordTool and SEMRUSH are also equally useful while doing keyword research in Seo campaign.

  1. Design Keywords Grouping and Landing Page Selection

After this try to group similar sort of keywords and choose landing or target page to target those keywords. Prepare content recommendation and send it to content writer to get develop high quality and trust worthy content with some marketing pitch. Also try to maintain keyword density to perfectly target your keywords on page.

  1. Run Full Website Audit

Now you have to run full website audit to find out the on page improvement your website could have. Prepare a well documented report to list all those factors that impacts your search engine rankings like title and meta creation, robots.txt and sitemap creation, subheading structure, URL structure, setting up 301 redirects and canonical, page speed score, Mobile Friendliness. Etc.

  1. Build A Well Planned Off Page Promotion Plan.

Once you understand all business website requirements you can now plan your off page activities through which you can promote your website.  You can plan activities in such a way that could result great quality back links score in shortest possible time.

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