Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

In the digital marketing industry most of guys didn’t know about the basics about seo such as types of search engine optimization that can be performed on a particular webpage.  They just have heard the terms on page optimization and off page optimization and consider these as types of seo while they are not the types of seo actually.  They are parts of Search engine optimization process means without any of them seo can’t get completed.

If we talk about the types of search engine optimization there are 3 main criteria’s seo has been divided which are as follows-

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Grey Hat SEO

Now We will talk about each of them to have an idea what they mean and what are pros and cons related to each of them.

White Hat SEO:

Google as a search engine organization wants to crawl the websites data in a better way and Google wants to make the crawling and indexing process better. To make so Google has released some of the guidelines for webmasters stating that if they want to promote their website by getting ranking higher, there are some DO’s and DON’Ts for them.  So white hat seo is the process in which we utilize techniques and methods according to search engine’s guidelines to improve the organic ranking of a website or webpage in search engine.

White Hat Seo might be slow to attain results but can give you steady, gradual and long lasting growth organic rankings.White Hat SEO

What includes White Hat Seo: To Apply white hat seo you need to follow every strategy according to search engine’s (mainly Google) Guidelines from developing high quality content to website on-page optimization (creating search engine friendly URL’s, meta elements for webpage, sitemaps, etc)

Black Hat SEO:

A common misconception about Black Hat Seo is if you are not doing WHITE Hat Seo then you are doing Black Hat Seo which is not right in any manner. Black Hat seo completely opposes the use of methods and tactics based on search engines guidelines. All the techniques that come under black hat seo either try to cheat or bluff the search engines.

Some of the popular techniques that come under black hat seo are cloaking, link spam, creating link farms, link baiting, creating doorway pages with hidden text, using unrelated keywords in content and keyword hat seo

Using black hat seo can give you quick results in organic listing of the search engines but mind you that growth won’t be long lasting as search engines are constantly working to fight against large amount of spam and developing their algorithms for spam protection specifically. As long as you will caught doing black hat seo on any of webpage or website you will have to lose everything related to organic traffic.

Grey Hat SEO:

Grey Hat Seo is a seo practice that is mixture of black hat seo and white hat seo still remains opposite to search engine guidelines and still can’t be counted as purely White hat seo as methods and technologies that are used under grey hat seo are based on black hat and white hat seo so known as grey hat seo.

One of the very popular grey hat seo techniques is click bait in which someone posts an eye catching link or content that encourages the reader to click on that link or post.


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