Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as it is essential and affect your legal rights. It is a legal agreement between you (client) and SEOBay (us). So, kindly read carefully. Here we go!


Thanks for choosing us. By using our services, websites or applications, you are signing a contract with our local company, SEOBay in Jaipur. Your agreement with us includes these mentioned Terms and conditions. You are obliged to use these services only if you agree to our Terms and conditions.

Non Disclosure Agreement

At any time or during any period, clients should acknowledge keeping in the stern and uncompromising trust and confidence while accessing our information. Clients should not disclose our confidential information without any consent of our company. The client should agree not to seek SEO advice on any SEO forums or blogs etc. which impacts the brand name of the company. The client should agree to pay a reasonable cost of damage to our company.


The client should acknowledge these below-mentioned services –

  1. Our company, SEOBay has no control over any change in Search Engine Algorithms concerning any sites or contents. Thus, Websites may be impacted in search engines, however we are committed to combat search engine algorithms.
  2. All fees received are non-refundable.
  3. Our company takes no guarantee/Warranty if our SEO work is destroyed either wholly or partially by any third party without the consent of our company.
  4. The client should understand that it takes time to boost or bring the website in top rankings. New websites get temporarily boost up for some targeted keywords and then it reverts down to its actual position within a month. This is a bit common.
  5. Based on competitiveness, we don’t guarantee you the topmost position in search results but we will try hard to bring it in the first page.
  6. The client will provide remote access to his website and reasonable assistance including source code and other related information
  7. SEOBay will not make any changes without any written or verbal communication from the client.
  8. SEOBay will put efforts and try to provide the client with all the services per the estimated time.

Changes to Our Agreements

We may make changes in our services and agreements. But, whenever we make any changes, we will notify you through our services. By continuing our services you are bound to acknowledge acceptance for those changes.

Other Legal Notices

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