what does it mean by mobile first indexing

Now when there is a lot of ongoing talk happening around Google’s new mobile first indexing, It is equally important to know about it and some of the major insights It has wrapped inside it. According to a twitter status posted by search engine round table founder Barry Schwartz said “Google has consolidated the mobile-first indexing notifications and started resending them last night”.

Now you must know what is mobile first indexing and why there is a lot of talk going around in search engine community.

Mobile First Indexing Meaning

What is Google’s Mobile First Indexing

As the name for this term suggests, mobile first indexing means Google will predominately use mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking purpose. Earlier to mobile first indexing, Google crawlers were using desktop version of a page’s content while evaluating together the relevance of a page to user’s query. But, since now days a lot of users are accessing the Google through mobile devices, index will primarily use the mobile version of a webpage’s content.

With Mobile First Indexing Google crawls and indexes the web pages with a smart phone agent dedicated to mobile devices. Mobile first indexing has been introduced by Google to make the web more mobile friendly. Mobile first indexing simply means mobile version of your website becomes the starting point for Google to index your content and the baseline to evaluate organic rankings.

what is mobile first indexing

How Mobile First Indexing Works

If any website does not have mobile friendly version then desktop version still can be included in the indexing by Google but lack of mobile friendly version can negatively impact website ranking and site with a mobile experience (which will have mobile friendly version) could receive a ranking boost in mobile devices as well as on desktop searches.

Mobile- First Suggest Google will use the mobile version of a website primarily but in case if any webpage or website does not have the mobile version than desktop version will be eligible to get indexed by Google.

The one very big change processed from Google’s end is until mobile first indexing approach desktop version of a website was considered as primary version of website which has been fundamentally changed to mobile version of a website after mobile first indexing.

Who Need To Worry About Mobile First Indexing and Who Not?

First thing to know about mobile first indexing rollover changes is that there is no need to press the panic button. According to Google’s own guidelines on mobile first indexing if you are a responsive website or your website’s desktop and mobile versions are identical then you don’t need to do anything.

If you want to find how you can deal with mobile first indexing then read below:

Desktop Website: If you have a website which is for desktop only and does not have a mobile friendly version …. You don’t need to do anything as mobile version will be generated same as desktop version.

Responsive Web Design: if your website adjusts itself automatically to mobile devices being responsive then you don’t need to do anything as mobile version will be same as desktop version.

Canonical AMP:  if you your website pages are created using AMP markup then mobile version will be same as desktop version so don’t need to do anything.

Separate URL’s: if each of your desktop URL has an equivalent different Url that is used to serve mobile optimized content then Google will prefer the mobile URL first for indexing so prepare your website for mobile first indexing and try to make your mobile version and desktop version identical in front of Google to get maximum benefit. This type of sites are known as m-dot websites like suppose desktop version of a website can be accessed at http://example.com/ while mobile version would be accessible at http://m.example.com/.


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