SEO in its simplest form stands for search engine optimization and known as the process of getting traffic from Free Editorial and Natural organic search results of the Search engines. There are many search engines in current time; some of them are regional while some of them are global. Majority of the global population use Google search engine to search on internet. SEO is a process of optimizing your website or webpage according to search engine guidelines.

When a user searches something on search engine say on Google, it gives you two results i.e. one is organic search results and second is paid or inorganic search results. These free organic results constitute search engine result pages (SERP’s). Getting Your Site’s visibility high in Organic search results and getting high amount of relevant traffic is what Search engine optimization is all about. Google dominates the search engine market by sharing 78% queries globally way ahead of its competitors Bing and Yahoo. It simply mean out of 100 queries 78 to 80 search queries are searched on Google itself and this is the most genuine reason why lots of SEO Talks revolve around Google.

Search engine optimization is primarily for small and medium scaled businesses rather than large scaled businesses as they have limited business outreach and will not be that much globally recognized business so they have chances to increase their consumer base by targeting relevant core business keywords that people will likely search on Google if they will be likely interested in their products or services. Every Business either sells its services or products to customers.  Let’s take an example to understand why seo can done and why it is more appropriate for small and medium scaled businesses to adapt SEO.

Suppose you are a local dog food supplier in Delhi and you supply dog food to your local vendors which are your regular customers but think what will be if you choose to bring your business online and choose to dog food to all Indian cities and possibly to countries like USA, Canada, UK, etc. Definitely your business will grow and this can happen when people who require dog food can reach on their website via search engine because it’s obvious understanding that when they will need a dog food supplier they will search their query on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Top websites which will appear there will get potential customers who will be willing to buy dog food from them.

So Why Being Late While Others are Expanding. Bring Your Business Online and Get Great Online Visibility in Google and Other search engines through SEO through SEO BAY India.

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