What is Lead Generation In SEO

What is Lead Generation in SEO?

First Some SEO Basics

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that can be used to improve the rank of search engine result page of a particular search engine for the set of identified key phrases. It is a technique by which we increase the quality and quantity of traffic organically. Keep reading this blog to find out what is lead generation in SEO and how can it help your business.

A search engine result page may contain two types of result Organic (natural) and paid. SEO refers to improving the position of a webpage in organic results on SERP. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a web page easy to find, easy to search, easy to crawl, easy to categorize. SEO helps in driving the potential customers to your business.

Lead Generation Techniques in SEO

Lead Generation is also known as “Lead Gen”. Best lead generation techniques in SEO attract your ideal customers and getting them interested in buying your product and these people are called Leads. It is a way of acting as a middle man website between consumer and service provider. 

Lead generation techniques in SEO differ from Affiliate marketing. In Marketing lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into the services of a business. Leads can be created for more purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list. Leads can connect with your business in several ways such As:

Lead generation and SEO go side by side. SEO is a process and practice of optimizing your website in a way that search engine can easily read and understand what your website is all about. Lead Generation on the other hand represents the generation of the collective interest of people or customers to certain services. It has a very important aspect for the success of different small and big business.

How You Can Generate Leads in SEO

In modern time, to drive or generate leads from seo, you need to find user intent first. User intent has some real meaning behind search keywords often acting silently. In short there are two possible user intent types one can find and that are :

Information Specific User Intent: when someone just tried to find some relevant information or just want to learn something new on a topic like “how to do content marketing for LinkedIn”.

Buying or Purchasing Specific User Intent: when someone tries to search keyword with intention to buy or purchase something like “buy a new laptop”.

Try to discover what your audience really want to see just by googling search phrases. You will understand that the pages ranking on top usually represent the type of content people are looking for. This is all because Google has all the algorithms working to provide best user experience to users.

1. Make a List of Industry Specific Relevant Keywords for Business.

2. Google each of your target keywords to find the User Intent behind them. This will help you get an idea about what kind of content is keeping your potential customers engaged.

3. Collect and organize the results along your sales funnel according to what action you wish your leads to take. You can keep inform user intent on top of the sales funnel if you wish to engage your leads on the information basis. On the other hand if you wish to sell something online you have to keep buy specific user intent keyword on top of the sales funnel.

4. Optimize the existing content and create content to fill the gaps between your target customers and you.

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